Crowdsourcing services for collaboration with Japanese companies, called CrowdSekai released

“CrowdSekai”, which is one of the largest crowdsourcing services in Japan, focuses on expand business to the world.
We offer opportunities to match corporations between Japanese companies, which are considering overseas expansion or setting up a new project abroad, and business developers (BD) who want to be a business partner of Japanese companies.

Sort of rate as a reward will be charged when the project is agreed to start through our service.
On the other hand, BD who supports companies to expand their business to other countries can use “CrowdSekai” by free of charge.

In addition, we also provide overseas concierge service at a fixed monthly price.
Individuals, corporations or organizations with a membership of the service can seek advices about overseas business development and starting a new business with unlimited number of inquiries.

By using the network of key persons all over the world that we have built up so far, it becomes possible to set up and expand business at “low cost” and in a “short term”.
Nowadays, overseas expansion creates a big boom from big companies, small-middle companies to start-ups.
It is, however, still inefficient because of lacking know-how, and taking much cost and time to utilize some services like consulting.
Meanwhile, there is a trend that efficiency of various operations would be improved by using variety of crowdsourcing services.
Therefore, we developed crowdsourcing “CrowdSekai” which solves problems of overseas expansion, whoever (from big companies, middle-companies, venture companies to individuals) can use it at a low cost and easily.
The service we released at this moment is only a small part of all functions. From now on, we will continue to develop and improve it. We appreciate if you could use our service and give us your feedback.

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