Press release: Announcing the collaboration between barterfli and Diixi

Announcing the collaboration between barterfli and Diixi, offer opportunities to companies in ASEAN and Japan seeking overseas expansion

barterfli Holdings Pte Ltd (“barterfli”) and Diixi Pte Ltd (“Diixi”) is pleased to announce a partnership to introduce a new service to provide business matching expertise to bring together companies and business opportunities in ASEAN and Japan.

The partnership brings together unique strengths of both companies; from
Diixi, one of the largest crowdsourcing services in Japan and from barterfli, the widest aggregation of independently verified business communities ever-achieved to date in the region.

barterfli and Diixi will offer opportunities to companies in ASEAN and Japan seeking overseas expansion or collaborations for projects, investments or technology exchange. This business matching service, called CrowdSekai on Diixi network and ASEAN-Japan bconnect on barterfli network, will identify prospective businesses that fits the requirements, qualify them based on pre-determined criteria and connect them with one other.

As an extension of this service, barterfli and Diixi will also be offering business concierge service at an attractive monthly subscription fee. With this business concierge service, subscribers (individuals or corporations) can seek advice about overseas business development and starting a new business.

According to Mr Teng Theng Dar, Chairman of barterfli, “With the onset of
AEC 2015, this is a much-needed service for businesses, especially SMEs, to reach out across borders cost-effectively and quickly. By using barterfli’s and Diixi¹s extensive business network, we are enabling companies to identify, connect and establish credible business contacts across ASEAN and
Japan and seek growth opportunities”.

Mr Noritaka Kobayashi, Founder and CEO Diixi, adds “Today, overseas expansion creates a big boom from big companies to small-middle companies, start-ups.
However, it is still inefficient because of a lack of know-how, and requires companies to invest a great deal of cost and time. The introduction of our crowdsourcing approach reduces cost and time while increasing the quality and range of contacts and expertise in ASEAN and Japan”.

The service will be launched in phases, starting in April 2015.

Targeting countries

Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, VietNam, India and SouthEast Asia and South Asia

Supporting type

Providing the following services to enter the targeting countries.
M&A, JV setting up, alliance setting up, seeking reseller, franchiser, setting up new entity, investments and technology exchange.

Supporting finding the best partner, negotiation, promote business development based on our unique management system of business development called CrowdSekai.

Targeting industry

IT, mobile, smartphone, food&beverage, retail, fashion, education, services, manufacturers


barterfli Holdings Pte Ltd
Teng Theng Dar

Diixi Pte Ltd
Founder and CEO
Noritaka Kobayashi, Ph.D

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Teng Theng Dar

Teng Theng Dar has more than 31 years of management experience in Asia, Australia and in recent years, the Middle East Region. Over the years, he has accumulated vast management experience in cross boarder management experience in FMCG, Commodities, Agri-Food, ICT, Energy-saving Solutions and Construction sectors.
His key appointments include Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman, Advisor to The Singapore Enterprise 50, and Protem Chairman of Youth Business Singapore (Local Chapter of Youth Business International).
Theng Dar currently chairs the panel that oversees VSC’s matters pertaining to international business and strategic investments. He plays a strategic and tactical role in providing inputs for top management in organic and non-organic aspects of the Group, including mergers and acquisitions and structuring various forms of strategic alliances and business ventures globally.
He is currently a member of:
*Advisory Council of Asia Business Forum, UNESCAP
*Advisory Board, Singapore National Youth Achievement Award
*APEC Voices of the Future Program (APEC Youth Program)
*ASEAN Japan Business Council
He was Chairman of Singapore-Middle East Business Group and Co-Chair of Guangdong Singapore Business & Economic Council. He was also past member of:
*Pro-Enterprise Panel (an initiative of the Ministry of Trade & Industry, Singapore)
*Reach Supervisory Panel (Policy feedback unit – Business track)
*German-Singapore Business Forum Committee
*Singapore Community Engagement Program (Government, Union and Business)
*Singapore Youth Network Committee (Ministry of Culture, Youth and Social)
*Singapore Young Business Leaders Selection Panel
*Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC)
*Markets Policy Advisory Committee, SPRING
*National Wages Council (Alternate Member)
*Singapore Customs Advisory Committee
*Heartware Network (Trustee)
In charity, he is the General Council Member of the National Arthritis Foundation.
He graduated from the School of Commerce, Waseda University, Japan in March1979 and is a life member of the Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore (Jugas).

Noritaka Kobayashi, Ph.D

Diixi Pte Ltd Founder and CEO
Yourwifi Pte Ltd Founder and CEO
Butahage Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Director
Reginaa Pte Ltd Advisory
WAVE co-working space Co-founder
Business breakthrough university associate professor
Executive producer of the CHAOS ASIA
Ph.D on computer science

Graduated from graduate school of Osaka university, received Ph.D on computer science for 7 years which is the fastest record ever at the university. Joined Nomura research institute which is the biggest business consulting firm in Japan, committed more than 100 projects for 9 years for example M&A, alliance set up, expanding business to Asia, U.S, Europe, India, China, and Africa. Certified of executive education program at Columbia business school in 2008. Join mobile social game giant company in Japan called GREE, Inc. 2011, engaged to expand to the world. In 2012, he moved in Singapore and set up a company called Diixi Pte Ltd. Since then, he is now managing 5 companies in the region. In 2015, he was selected Asian Entrepreneurwhich was the first selection of Japanese.

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